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The tasks for the Cambridge exam CAE are structured as following:



Paper 3 USE of ENGLISH



This test includes tasks for the Writing, the Use of English and the Speaking Papers. The complete tests will be performed in class.

Choose one of the following writing tasks. Your answer should follow exactly the instructions given. Write approximately 220-260 words.

1.A technology magazine, International Technology Today, has asked its readers to submit articles on the impact of mobile phones on modern society. In your article, you should discuss the different personal and business uses of mobile phones and assess the advantages and disadvantages of this technology.

Write your article.2.Your town is hoping to host a sport event next year, which will attract competitors from other countries. The organizers of this sports event need to ensure that the chosen venue has an adequate range of facilities for visitors. Write a proposal to the organizing committee to persuade them that your town is a suitable venue. Your proposal should include information on accommodation, transport and entertainment.Write your proposal.

3.You have been asked to write an information sheet giving advice to students from abroad about how to get the most out of studying in your college. The title is Studying and Student Life and the information sheet must include advice relating to:

-methods of study

-suitable types of accommodation

-social life

Write your information sheet.

For questions 1-5, think of one word only which can used appropriately in all three sentences. Here is an example (0).


0 The committee decided to ……………… the money equally between the two charities.

I can’t believe that john and Maggie have decided to ………… up after 20 years of marriage.

To serve a watermelon you need to …………. it down the center with a sharp knife.

Example: 0 SPLIT

Write only the missing word IN CAPITAL LETTERS on the separate answer sheet.

1. Once the management has decided on the ………of events for the training day, a letter will be sent to all the staff.

The President gave the ………….. for a holiday to be declared to celebrate the birth of his son.

I’d asked them to deliver the fridge but it never arrived, and when I inquired the company said they had no trace of my……………… .

2. After months of intensive training, Glyn thought he was in with a …………. chance of winning a medal at the games.

The manager made a ………… argument for lowering the price of the company’s product.

The …………. currents in the bay make sailing tricky even in perfect weather conditions.

3. They had a long wait at the airport so they ……… the time doing puzzles.

Jan …………. the contract to me so that I could check its accuracy.

The car that ……………. us on the motorway was going too fast.

4.  You need to …………. on the right side of Mrs Smith – she can be very difficult if she gets annoyed with you.

The doctor says I’ll need to …………… on taking tablets for at least a week.

You can ……… that bicycle for as long as you want – I never use it these days.

5. The film examines the theme of what it is like to live in a strange ……….far from home.He owned a large amount of ………..in the north of the country, and was said to be extremely rich.The ……………..in that area is very fertile and supports a wide variety of crops.


There are two examiners. One (the interlocutor) conducts the test, providing you with the necessary materials and explaining you what you have to do. The other examiner (the assessor) is introduced to you, but then takes no further part in the interaction.

Part 1 (3 minutes)
The interlocutor first asks you and your partner a few questions. The interlocutor asks candidates for some information about themselves, then widens the scope of the questions by asking about, e.g. candidates’ leisure activities, studies, travel and daily life. Candidates are expected to respond to the interlocutor’s questions, and listen to what their partner has to say.

Part 2 (a one-minute ’long turn’ for each candidate, plus 30-second response from the second candidate)

You are each given the opportunity to talk for about a minute, and to comment briefly after your partner has spoken.

The interlocutor gives you a set of pictures and asks you to talk about them for about one minute. It is important to listen carefully to the interlocutor’s instructions. The interlocutor then asks your partner a question about your pictures and your partner responds briefly.

You are then given another set of pictures to look at. Your partner talks about these pictures for about one minute. This time the interlocutor asks you a question about your partner’s pictures and you respond briefly.

Part 3 (approximately 4 minutes)

In this part of the test you and your partner are asked to talk together. The interlocutor places a new set of pictures on the table between you. This stimulus provides the basis for a discussion. The interlocutor explains what you have to do.

Part 4 (approximately 4 minutes)

The interlocutor asks some further questions, which leads to a more general discussion of what you have talked about in Part 3. You may comment on your partner’s answers if you wish.

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Examenul Cambridge FCE/ Reading

START ENGLISHWatch, listen, speak. Tips and tricks about English.

Presently I will offer some information about the Reading paper for the First Certificate in English exam.

For completing the Reading Paper the time frame is an hour. The task consists of three parts.

The Reading Paper part 1 consists of a multiple choice test (grila). So, there will be a rather long text, which you will have to read carefully and try to circle the right choice. Technically speaking this is an easier task as compared with the Listening and (maybe) the Speaking papers, but you need a lot of attention for details. Many students make mistakes about this because they do not mind the details.

Firstly read the questions (they are usually 8). Frequently the gist of the task is in the question. And this applies to all tasks. You cannot do right if you do not know/understand what you are supposed to do. It is very simple in theory, but in practice students sometimes do not really pay attention and lose valuable points.

Read also the alternatives and if you decide to circle something, find reasons in the text to do so. And this is the difficult part about this text because the alternatives are often confusing and you might think that more than one is appropriate. Students seldom find two alternatives that can match the context. How to choose between them?

Scan the fragment which the task is about and find tips in the text in favor of your choice. Chose the alternative for which there are more reasons.

I couldn’t help but noticing another type of mistake; imaginative students circle the wrong answer because they think it is a possible continuation of the fragment/text. So, do not forget, you circle something because of hard evidence in the text and not because you feel it might be correct.

As a conclusion, I need to remind you to pay attention to the time for this paper: you must complete all 3 parts of the Reading Paper in an hour, so time management is of utmost importance!

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Examenul Cambridge FCE/ Speaking

. Watch, listen, speak. Tips and tricks about English.

www.cursinengleza.ro I www.engleza-de-afaceri.ro

The outline of the FCE exam is the following:

  • Reading: 1 hour
  • Writing: 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Use of English: 45 minutes
  • Listening: 40 minutes (aprox.)
  • Speaking: 14 minutes (aprox.)

-The most important thing that ensures the success is attention, so, all the time, read the questions carefully and underline keywords.

-For the FCE Speaking test Part 2, the students are supposed to speak about pictures which are rather unappealing. You should try to “squeeze’’ them of all useful information. It is advisable to build your speech around some vocabulary items that you can choose, based upon the pictures.

-Never forget to compare two of the pictures while answering the question(s).

-Pay attention to your partner’s pictures, because you will be asked a question based upon them.

To be continued.

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